In April of 2018, with the expertise and support of my husband Dennis Crispino, our Professional Core Team of volunteers, and the sponsorship of our Family Businesses; the Superior Network Family of Companies, WE launched the BIGCT.BIZ® (Business Innovation Gateway of Connecticut Solution). We have set out to build for you, and all of Connecticut; a FREE TO JOIN, non-partisan, non-profit, year round mobile accessible, voting platform. TOGETHER, we will build the most influential coalition of Business Owners and Community Leaders in Connecticut. Its purpose is to give an unfiltered, unobstructed, honest collective voice, and vote to every business owner and community leader in our great state, regardless of size, industry, or affiliation. The results of each Issue that was voted upon will be sent back to the registered voters, to our Associations and Government, and to the media to make our collective results public. This will enable all of us to hold Hartford accountable to WE THE PEOPLE, Business Owners and Community Leaders of Connecticut.

In addition to a voting platform, BIGCT.BIZ® will enable every business owner, school, nonprofit and community organization director that Registers on our Platform to take full advantage of the FREE Technology and Tools to grow their Businesses. In addition, each registered organization that is able to be verified as a legal CT entity in full Compliance by State Law will be added to our 2020 BIGCT.BIZ Interactive Connecticut Business and Community Resource Directory. This directory will provide every resident in Connecticut a one-stop Connecticut FIRST search tool giving all users immediate access to businesses, products, destinations and or services Connecticut offers without the distractions, advertising or worry of being scammed on the world-wide search engines. Every CT business benefits by easily being found without out of state and/or country competition, or unregistered, often unlicensed and uninsured people posing as a legitimate business. Every entity listed in the BIGCT.BIZ® directory will be a legitimate, registered business in Connecticut that has provided us a valid Tax ID# /EIN# and any mandated CT licenses and/or certifications.

 We have set out to post a minimum of 10,000 FREE TO PLACE business and community organization endorsement logo/links on our BIGCT.BIZ® website to authenticate Community support for our efforts as we seek to gain our Non-Profit 501c3 Status with the State of Connecticut. Your registration / endorsement simply shows that you are in favor of our FREE to JOIN Platform being built with the sole purpose of helping YOU, your employees, communities and families succeed in Connecticut.

WE THE PEOPLE that work hard and drive the Connecticut economy know our industries better than anyone else. WE THE PEOPLE want to have a voice and a real opportunity to help resolve some of the issues weighing heavy on our ability work efficiently, hire, grow and simply do our job every day. When the businesses and community organizations are finally able to get the support they and their industries need – our faith in Connecticut will be restored and TOGETHER, we will all prosper again.

When we reach our goal of 10,000-endorsement logo/links posted, we will send out the official voting BIGCT.BIZ® registration form to the businesses and organizations that have endorsed our Solution to give WE THE PEOPLE” a VOICE and a VOTE. There will be one vote per TAX ID/EIN number. Upon receiving and verifying the TAX ID# or EIN#, each registered entity will be listed in our CT FIRST interactive directory.

Shortly after we reach our goal of validating the registered voting cards , we will begin our platform voting to weigh in on all new proposed legislation. All other existing legislation or issues on which we will vote will be chosen from input that we receive from (you), the registered businesses owners, the industry associations and community services organization leaders that have taken the time to register with BIGCT.BIZ to make sure that your voices are heard.

The Ultimate goal is to launch industry specific desktop, and Mobil APPs that are fully customizable to your Business needs. See a first draft of what this will look like on the BIGCT.BIZ® About Us Page Above.

As we have begun to expand the BIGCT.BIZ® message, we are always appreciative of the opportunity to speak and share the mission for BIGCT.BIZ with any group that wants to learn more about what we are doing and all that we have planned to accomplish. Call your Chamber of Commerce and request a speaking engagement as BIGCT.BIZ® offers every Chamber of Commerce and Industry Association the perfect GIFT THAT WILL KEEP ON GIVING TO THEIR ASSOCIATIONS AND EVERY ONE OF THEIR MEMBERS, regardless of how different each member’s needs are.

 We have already been invited to the capitol on two occasions to present and would be honored to book a short presentation with any CT Industry Associations, Chamber, B2B, Community Groups or Businesses upon request (Based on Availability). To book your free presentation please reach out to Kathleen Crispino – Solutions Architect direct at 203.537.6277

BIGCT.BIZ® is committed to remaining an unbiased, independent and unaffiliated VOICE OF THE PEOPLE. We will remain a fact based, solution driven source for the truth, mediation, direct communication and common ground for the common good of all. We invite all Connecticut Associations, Non-Profit Groups, Educational Organizations, and Political Groups to endorse BIGCT.BIZ® – “The Voice of the People.” We Aim to be the most trusted resource for truth, communications and education regarding all state policies and legislation that WE THE PEOPLE need to stay informed about so that we can weigh in on the issues that will impact our businesses, organizations, employees, communities and families. No More Opinions, No More Politics, No More Special Interests, No More Corruption, No More Cronyism… JUST A PLATFORM BUILT TO DELIVER THE FACTS, ALLOWING EVERYONE AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY TO WEIGH IN, AND IGNITE KNOWLEDGEABLE, INFORMED CONVERSATIONS THAT LEAD TO SOLUTIONS!

JOIN US by placing your FREE Endorsement logo/link alongside the growing number of other CT Businesses, Educational Institutions, and Non-Profit Groups that have already authorized their early endorsement link supporting our Volunteer efforts.  The only other thing that we are asking is that you help SHARE THE MESSAGE with your Connecticut friends, fellow business owners, community leaders, vendors and/or customers so that they too can have their voices heard.

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