BIGCT.BIZ (Business Innovation GATEWAY) is a FREE to resident, “CT FIRST” website solution able to be accessed from any computer or mobile device with an internet access. 


PURPOSE The purpose of BIGCT.BIZ is to offer CT Residents and Businesses Only an alternative, FREE to use, “CT FIRST”, communication network to providing ALL CONNECTICUT Answers, Information, Education, Funding, Benefits,  Available Talent, Products, Services, Resources, Employers, Volunteers, Mentors, Non-Profits, Entertainment, Discounts and more… The advanced software platform will be able to provide broad or narrow results based on the users specifications. In turn, any information (non personal) tracked is done so for the sole purpose of providing quarterly facts, information and reports back to CT Residents, Industries and Government, that will clearly spell out profitable and non profitable, successful and failing activities and programs that can immediately be expanded upon or ended based on predetermined set goals.


Our Mission and Statewide Benefit: Implementing BIGCT.BIZ and It’s measurable programs will establish a PRO WORK / PRO BUSINESS / PRO YOUTH state that will attract new Start-Ups, Young Families,  Entrepreneurs, and Students from across the globe to be part of Connecticut and it’s unique BUSINESS INNOVATION GATEWAY NETWORK designed to promote local communication that keeps all of Connecticut laser focused on Personal and Community Prosperity and Growth regardless of your interests, industry or position (NO ADVERTISING, NO PICTURES, NO DISTRACTIONS). 


The End Goal is to make Connecticut a Nationally recognized destination for educational, entrepreneurial, and business growth and prosperity, ensuring the future fiscal and cultural well-being of all Connecticut businesses and residents.




All activity through that transpires over the BIGCT.BIZ Business Innovation Gateway would be tracked and surveyed for the SOLE PURPOSE of making real time, data based reports (without divulging personal information) available to all applicable persons, businesses, industries and government so that Connecticut decision makers are able to take swift and informed action to help individuals, communities, industries, organizations and institutions prosper. 


Knowledge is power, and accountability breeds excellence. The BIGCT.BIZ Solution will act as a free consultant and guide to the State of Connecticut and all who live and work here. 


Implementing the  BIGCT.BIZ solution that provides measurable assistance to the entire State of Connecticut, will assure that we ALL reach our full growth potential! Come Support  BIGCT.BIZ … the “Just Solutions, No More Excuses” answer to Connecticut’s request for GROWTH!…


How We Achieve It: One Day at a Time. Start with a plan, build the Infrastructure with Existing Technology and GET TO WORK!


The technology is not new, but the willingness of someone to volunteer their time, GIVE the plan to the residents of the state for no monetary gain, and commit to being able to get over a thousand professional and experts to also volunteer their time – is why it does not exist today. It will take our citizens, our businesses, our innovators and ambitious leaders to believe and endorse the BIGCT.BIZ Solution and bring this Solution to fruition. In fairness, our decision makers can not offer solutions, as they are simply too disconnected from the day to day struggles that the people who drive our economy are experiencing. And the struggles are too diverse to put into a singular, one easy to sell solution.


It simply all comes down to MONEY to write the program! The framework is built. The Marketing Design, Communications and Project Management is all being Volunteered by the Solution Architect. The intricate details of this cost saving, growth initiating Solution will be designed by the people, for the people, and at no initial cost to the decision makers that have the power to connect Kathleen Crispino (the Solution Architect) to the people necessary to advance this initiative. Sharing the knowledge of all that BIGCT.BIZ will do for each individual, and collective industries within the state is the key to raising the 8 Million Dollars necessary to Develop the software.


Phase 1:We start on the ground level going door to door, having educational chamber meetings, and BIGCT.BIZ forums across the entire state, hosted at our educational institutions. Gain support for our solution by gaining 10,000 logos of Businesses that want to see this plan implemented.

Phase 2: We educate and demonstrate exactly how this infrastructure will save unprecedented time and money for every resident, institution, business and organization, as well as  significantly aid the State of Connecticut in realizing fiscal stability and economic growth, through real time, quarterly, data driven communication and fiscal reporting.

At this time we will also begin the process of applying for Non-Profit Status for BIGCT.BIZ . 

Phase 3: Prior to beginning the funding campaigns and coding, we will begin to collaborate with key business and educational leaders that are interested in developing the communication processes and goals of the above mentioned Businesses and Education Collaboration Program that will ultimately be be supported and measured by the BIGCT.BIZ Infrastructure. This will enable professionals from all industries and schools from across the state to give feedback and expertise that can be integrated into the BIGCT.BIZ software programming.

Phase 4: We apply for Grants and Start a Go Fund Me effort to raise the approximate 8 million dollars to get the program written and bring this Hi Tech Solution to the People of Connecticut.       

Phase 5: Once every industry in the State of Connecticut is represented in the building of their infrastructure module, BIGCT.BIZ  will launch a single town pilot test (projected for Summer 2020). We will work to clean out the bugs, and at that point in time, project a “BIGCT.BIZ “CT FIRST” GO LIVE” date.

 Creating Jobs: BIGCT.BIZ is the gift that keeps on giving. The plan to implement BIGCT.BIZ will in itself create a minimum of 100 new jobs to keep it updating and expanding to meet the changing needs of the users.