Existing Connecticut Businesses Benefit BIGCT.BIZ saves Connecticut small and large Business Owners, Managers and Decision Makers time and money, by providing a one stop access point to get any business question answered, receive a validated list of verified products, services, and/or suppliers that are best suited to match your requested business needs. In other words, you will not get a service provider that specializes in only corporate insurance to bid your small business insurance, and vise versa. BIGCT.BIZ offers Connecticut based results first, and all out of state options clearly marked as such.
Higher Education Benefits BIGCT.BIZ will feed Connecticut Public and Private Higher Education decision makers fact driven reports, using dynamic data being continually input from Connecticut job creators, the State of Connecticut High Schools and colleges, the State of CT Department of Education, the US Department of Education… etc. Full access to identify educational trends, skills needed for today’s Connecticut job openings first, and information and feedback provided through surveys; directly to High School and college students, from our Connecticut businesses and associations will help our Board of Education continually improve our traditional, online and non-credit curriculum, to match what job creators need and what students of all ages are looking for. The Educational System, Students and Job Creators will have full access to a seamless and direct communication network between the CT job market and the CT educational system via a single gateway “Skills to Work” job board. This gateway access will offer job placement office personnel and students a real time access to every job in Connecticut. In addition, direct contacts between educational Job Placement Office Professionals and CT companies via the “Skills to Work” contact database will enable a one stop job fulfillment module, assuring that all available CT jobs are being matched and communicated in real time to appropriately skilled students and visa versa. This hi tech “Skills to Work” communication infrastructure will insure that an appropriately skilled student going to school and looking for employment in Connecticut will have immediate access to every matched job opportunity. Again, a net gain of time and money saved by the schools, the businesses and the students. It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN!

Proposed Educational Institution Benefits:

1. Schools will be able to build revenue streams through a multitude of small business and corporate relationships            competing for access to their students for possible internships, future employment, etc. Business/Education

Network… schools will be able to get professional business owners to speak to students at no cost to the school 

which will enrich the students real world education in a multitude of industries.


2BIGCT.BIZ will foster good will Business/Education relationships that will offer numerous opportunities for both the        schools and businesses to get a lot of FREE press for coming up with creative collaborative educational projects that        enrich or beautify the local community. 


3. Schools will be able to instantly reach out to the entire state to quire FREE materials that are not able to be bought      through the school budget. 


4. Enables a fast way to search for more affordable solutions statewide that traditional web searches could never reveal.


5. Gives all Colleges and higher education programs a unique FREE way to reach all potential CT students through          keyword matches and lower school relationships. This will save CT schools hundreds of thousands of dollars that could be better used toward their student experiences.


6. The BIGCT.BIZ will offer such a powerful communication platform that it will create many unique ways for local CT        schools to collaborate with each other on Events and activities that can ultimately save the schools money by sharing resources to provide a greater student experience.


7. The BIGCT.BIZ platform will enable CT schools to reach a vast number of people in CT qualified and available to          volunteer when needed. 


Inventors, Entrepreneurs and Start-Up Businesses Benefit BIGCT.BIZ offers a legitimate, password protected, non-disclosure module for Inventors and Entrepreneurs to post their product and service inventions and ideas, New Business Plans or Partnership opportunities to one stop Gateway Module where they will be discretely scanned and vetted by the software and listed on a “Creating Connecticut” board available first to Private, Venture Capital and Angel Funding Entities so great ideas can be Fast Tracked to market, find investors and/or be licensed. Also available will be a list of all applicable Grants, Educational Resources and State Incentives to keep business ideas developing, growing and staying in Connecticut. Business Entrepreneurs often have exceptional skills in their area or expertise, however would likely be more successful with a financially stable partner. BIGCT.BIZ will offer a one stop “Creating Connecticut” Gateway module that allows ambitious Entrepreneurs and brilliant, financially stable partners to team up to form a CT based business where they can have access to all of the incentives, answers and resources they need to be up and running in no time! Proposed Inventors, Entrepreneurs and Start-Up Businesses Benefits:

1. Business startups under 2 years, can gain network access to FREE and/or sharply discounted business services (legal help, business plans, tax and accounting services, marketing, graphic design and/or social media assistance, private and/or public schools by placing your “Small Business Needs” on the website. All of Connecticut schools will be able to compete for the ability to do the “REAL HANDS ON” business work of registered Connecticut Startup Companies and/or small businesses grossing under $200,000. Connecticut’s college students are able to gain practical, real world experience in their field of expertise, make potential future business contacts that may not otherwise be available, and help prevent the State of Connecticut tax paying Entrepreneurs from going out of business because they lack the skills needed or time to learn them in order to succeed.


2. Enables small business to gain immediate access to a listing of free and/or paid for associations, help, and/or                services specific to your industry and small business needs.   


3. Gain instant FAST TRACK answers and/or resources to your business/personal questions and/or pressing issues so     that you can get back to work.


4. Gives immediate lists of the CT suppliers and/or services that match your job size and description, request and             budget parameters.


5. Gives you access to future potential employees while in their freshman and sophomore year of high school (through    their counselors) who express a passion and desire to visit, apprentice and/or eventually work in an entry level                  position within your industry or business (whether they decide to go to college or not). This offers an opportunity for          young people who are not intending to go to college, but would like to work their way up to a well paying career. This        is especially beneficial to a company being able to gain knowledge of a geographical area that may be more heavily        populated with certain skilled workers, enticing a company to expand into or open in an area that they would                      otherwise had not known existed. 


6Creates an encapsulated target market for small product and service start-ups to beta-test new products, services        and ideas that will produce real time progress reports without the need for high paid consulting and proof of product and or market expenses.


(These capabilities available through the BIGCT.BIZ Gateway will produces a direct revenue stream to sustain   the Network from out of State Businesses as well as offer a value added opportunity to our state residents.)*


Government and Non-Profits Benefits Connecticut Government and Non-Profit entities both offer information and FREE services to the people. By being interconnected with the BIGCT,BIZ Gateway Infrastructure, it enables a one stop source for Connecticut residents to find the answers needed and benefits offered by every town and state level department and organization through the same one stop, CT only Search Engine. The inter connectivity to all that is transpiring in the protected CT ONLY BIGCT.BIZ Gateway, will enable Government and non profit data to be combined with the private sector data and results… enabling valid solutions, accountability, and reporting, The combined, Public and private sector data allows us to measure the results of the programs that the Government and the Non-Profits offer. This honest, real time reporting will enable Government and Non-Profit the ability to be alerted, just as a business would to the changes needed to meet the needs of our Connecticut residents. This ability to have a computer based infrastructure that can offer alerts and possible solutions, especially to our Government will allow for a long overdue efficiency and productivity that keeps Connecticut’s tax dollars working to grow and feed the Connecticut economy. The non-profits will be able to get the real time support and answers they need to help them run more efficiently so that their resources and efforts are able to best serve the cause and the inflicted people that they are working so hard to serve.
Students Benefit BIGCT.BIZ allows a parent or student of any age a Connecticut First, one stop, computer and mobile device accessed Gateway to all available verified and legitimate Funding, Grants, Educational Possibilities (traditional or online), Apprenticeships, Mentor Programs, College Credit Programs, Tutoring Opportunities, Job Opportunities, Internships, CT STAY Incentives, Tax benefits, Early Job Training Opportunities, and a “Skills to Work” job board where they can post a CT only resume, receive lists of industry specific job results matching their job search… all while blocking out of state information, corrupt internet schemes, and other unwanted advertising. Real Answers to Real Questions! Additionally, the gateway will offer an CT only advertising module for discounted student products and services. This is a WIN-WIN for the students and the CT based businesses that have no way to reach the students without the mass competition of the world wide web. Another WIN-WIN for Connecticut!

Proposed Family / Student Benefits: 

1. Provides a two way communication network between CT Schools, working age students/young adults and CT              Businesses with common interests that will foster Educational Business relationships that entice student career 

interest opportunities and enthusiasm as early as freshman year of high school. The idea is to keep kids focused on        their futures and lessen the chances of falling into potentially damaging habits or activities. 


2. Enables searching for Connecticut information, locations, jobs, products, resources, etc. fast with 



3. Offers a list of CT incentives for enrolling any family member in a 2+ year CT Higher Education Program or Degree.


4. Gain direct access to businesses willing to pay for a student’s college education in exchange for guaranteed                  employment commitments. 


5. Gain immediate access to ALL personal or professional, non profit services available here in Connecticut to help you    with any personal, family member or student medical, emotional or mental care needs.


6.  AT YOUR REQUEST ONLY, access schools, businesses and/or non-profits that data match your listed skills,              availability, passions, interests or other specific requests for desired employment, educational opportunities,                    mentoring, apprenticeship and/or volunteer opportunities. 


This is especially useful for students not planning to attend college or seeking a way to work there way through 

college in an industry that they are interested in. Also a great opportunity for adults that want to switch careers, or get      a job in the field or industry that they are most passionate about.


7. Access ALL CT based entertainment, social networks and/or events that match the location and interests parameters  included in your request. 


8. Access lists of other individuals/groups in your area that are looking to share in a unorganized hobby or sport.*


9. Save time and money by searching for local businesses that sell the products you seek before you waste time and 

gas searching.


10. Gain special access to targeted promotions by businesses beta testing though BIGCT.BIZ to our exclusive, 

otherwise unavailable enclosed market.*


11. Offers instant key word lockups for local and state Government Departments, Programs and News.


(These capabilities available through the BIGCT.BIZ Gateway will produce a direct revenue stream to sustain      help self fund our network without introducing advertising. This can become a substantial value added                  opportunity for CT residents to save money.)




Advertising Potential and Benefits Advertising will not be permitted anywhere in the main search modules where requests originate or where replies to requests are delivered. There will however be a “CT Virtual Shopping Center” (appearing similar to a Mall Directory) available where “CT ONLY” businesses may advertise. The directory will appear to the user, based on the shopping request inputted. There is an opportunity for Non CT based companies to obtain a “Paid Listing” and have priority listing among the out of state businesses, for products and services offered to a matching search request showing up on a second page. The Out of State businesses can consider taking up residence in our new Pro Business, Pro-Growth State of Connecticut or pay to be promoted/listed to CT businesses, educational Institutions and students! (Note: All Out of State Companies will come up in a secondary page listing and be clearly marked as OUT OF STATE. Also, there will be an area on the platform for in and out of state companies to offer private CT ONLY incentives to all Connecticut residents and businesses through BIGCT.BIZ Gateway. The advertisers will be able to compete in the ” CT Virtual Shopping Center” only. Out of State companies will only be added if they offer a substantive saving  over any other of their internet pricing. These discounts could be much more substantial than the large suppliers normally offer nationally because they will be able to consider CT as a focused buying group in confined geographic area in which every supplier will try to compete for dominance. An out of state businesses will have to pay a substantially higher advertising costs to BIGCT.BIZ to be included anywhere within the closed Gateway. That company will be very clearly marked as an OUT OF STATE supplier. The advertising fees for out of State suppliers and services will add the revenues needed to sustain the BIGCT.BIZ infrastructure, making it as close to FREE for all CT residents as possible.